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Lauren Flaker

What are the biggest obstacles or fears that you had to overcome?

In college, I was an athlete, so I was used to intense training...I’m challenged in each session and feel like I’ve gotten a lot back that I lost immediately after college.


What keeps you coming back to Fitco?

I keep coming back because I want to stay healthy and enjoy the workouts. They keep it fresh and keep you progressing towards your goals.

Nathan Crouch

Why did you decide to start with Fitco? and how long have you trained there?

On a recommendation from a friend and running coach. She was impressed with FitCo’s approach to functional movement and improving core strength as it related to some nagging pains I’d been having while training for a marathon.

Kathy Haynes

What keeps you coming back to Fitco?

I’m also seeing improvement in my strength, endurance, and reduced pain which is a wonderful benefit. I’ve tried exercising for years but everything eventually made the back pain worse. This doesn’t.


What are the biggest obstacles or fears that you had to overcome?

In my mind I did not fit the “stereotype gym rat”. I assumed FitCo would be full of muscle bound dudes in tank tops. My assumptions were very wrong and what I found at Fitco was regular people trying to improve themselves just like me.

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