The Fitness Company started with the goal to improve movement science, specifically personal training. Our philosophy was to develop a personal program for each client while building relationships. The Fitness Company chose to put the client first. The sciences of psychology and kinesiology as well as client education became the foundation of The Fitness Company.

The entrepreneur journey began in 2011 with in-home training. From there, the owners pinched pennies with the goal of opening a commercial space without the burden of loan debt. Within six months the clientele grew enough to start training out of home and apartment garages. In April 2013 the Fitness Company officially opened its commercial business. The years of hard work had finally paid off!

"I saw an issue in the personal training world as a whole where education was virtually non-existent and clients were only looked at as transactions with value based on how much they spent. I was raised to treat everyone the same and to cultivate meaningful relationships which has been an integral part of Fitco’s success. The success I have been blessed to achieve is due to the trust I have gained with my team and my clients."

Jeff Carr, Owner


124 E Nifong Blvd, Columbia, MO, 65203

(573) 228-6508 | info@fitcomo.com

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