Group Training

Whether you have a group of friends, coworkers or family looking to get in shape - or are just an individual seeking a workout in a group setting, this style of personal training is for you.

Studies have shown camaraderie, support and accountability will promote positive behavior change that translates into improved results. We not only want to increase the client to trainer relationship, but initiate a client to client relationship as well. We want you to not only support each other inside and outside of the studio.

Each day that you walk into your private training session, you will be greeted by a trainer with a smile on his or her face. Our trainers believe in you through the entire process - even if you begin to not believe in yourself. We also create specific and attainable goals that even the busiest of clients can reach. Sure, hopping on the elliptical or stationary bike are great forms of exercise. However, personal training maximizes your workout time to ensure you get the most of your time at the gym.

You do not have to form your own group even though we welcome that! You are placed based on your time preference.

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