3 Reasons You’re Still Hungry After Breakfast

We’ve all been there; We just ate breakfast and as soon as we brush our teeth our stomachs start to rumble again. We think, “how could I possibly STILL be hungry?” The answer, you’re probably not eating the right nutrients even when you think you’re being healthy.

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Making the Most of Your Trip to The Farmer’s Market

Summer here in Missouri and you know what that means... trips to the Farmer's Market! If these past few months have had you rummaging through produce bins at the local grocery stores like me, I'm sure you are more than ready to hit up your local Farmer's Market. However, before you run off, read my tips on How to Make the Most out of Your Trip to the Farmer's Market!

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Curcumin comes from a compound in Turmeric called curcuminoid. It gives Turmeric its color and antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which makes turmeric powders and extracts useful as dietary supplements.

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How I make healthy eating easy and fun!

We all want that perfect body but hate the idea of eating chicken and broccoli every single day in order to achieve that look. We have all been there and done that; the health kick. You wake up one morning and decide you are going to eat healthy and exercise and shed those pounds that just somehow appeared over the months and years....and then the cravings come. You want that chocolate cake with ice cream and brownies and whipped cream with a cherry on top and anything else on your "bad food" list you've created. Just like all of you, I have been there and done that as well... too many times to count, but I will share my tips on how to get past the "kick starts" and move onto a nutritious lifestyle!

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Tips to Eat Well on the Go

Do you travel a lot for work? Are you going on a vacation? Do you take your kids from one sporting event to another? If you answered yes to any of the above, today I am going to share some tips on how to eat well while doing all of those things.

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5 Healthy Appetizers for The 4th of July

Are you hosting a 4th of July party this year or bringing a dish as a guest? If so, below are 5 healthy and delicious options for you to try!

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Healthy No-Bake Peanut Butter Balls

If you love brownies, then these little bites are the perfect recipe for you! I know that most people struggle with having a sweet tooth, so I figured I’d share my little sweets substitute. A food blogger, Leah with FitFoodieFinds.com, shared this recipe and ever since I started making these they've become a staple in my home.

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Make a Meal ‘just a little better’ Instead of Using a Meal Plan

In the nutrition and fitness industry meal plans seem to be the staple for anyone looking to improve their eating habits and possibly lose some weight. The most common question I get when a prospective client comes to find out more about my nutrition program is, “Do I get a meal plan?”

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Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is produced by crushing apples and adding bacteria and yeast which causes fermentation. The sugars in the apples are first converted into ethanol, then further converted into acetic acid.

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10 Ways to Use Vegetables Instead of Carb Heavy Foods

I first heard about Zoodles when I was watching a cooking show during college. They were using a spiralizer connected to a Kitchen Aid and I was fascinated. I kept thinking, how have I never seen this before and why do I not have this amazing kitchen tool?

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Patriotic Recipe Roundup for The Fourth of July

It’s that time of year again when we start to see a lot of red, white and blue! The Fourth of July is one of the few summer holidays, so why not get a little creative and plan an entire menu to be patriotic? I have compiled healthy and delicious recipes that are all red, white and blue! How exiting? Not only are these foods perfect to help you stay on track for the Holiday, but they also match your color theme!

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